"I think suppose" women's autumn 2012 new product release

Style positioning: Divide between fashion and personality, insist on expressing yourself, not blindly follow fashion, and never fall behind. Personality but not publicity, slowly and savoring in elegance. It is assumed that clothing can reflect the wearer's personality, mood, and suitability for different occasions through the combination of product, style, and color.

Supping women's new clothes

Supping women's new clothes

Company Profile Shanghai Double Clothing Co., Ltd. is a professional clothing company integrating design, production and sales. Our team is always healthy, upward, confident and filled with positive optimism. This spirit is not only embodied in the concept of consumption that we have guided, but also serves as an important way to pool employee strength, stimulate employee enthusiasm and creativity, and enhance the level of corporate management, and strives to create a company that allows customers and employees to have a sense of honor and belonging.

We have designers with cutting-edge fashion information, have agile planning team, have enterprising sales elites and strive to serve our franchisees, through continuous training and communication, the company's business philosophy and design concepts are deeply rooted in Franchisees' business philosophy gives franchisees a sustainable future.

The company is not only committed to operating apparel products, but also eager to disseminate a positive, dynamic life attitude. At present, it has a large number of loyal consumers throughout the country and has a good reputation.

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