Iraq's beauty brand underwear highlights the temperament from the inside out

" Yi-Mei " brand is the flagship underwear brand of Shenzhen Floydia Industrial Development Co., Ltd. The "Yi-Mei" brand and independent intellectual property rights take "Youth Green" as the brand image, symbolizing the vitality, Comfortable "and" natural ".


"Iraq's beauty" underwear, independent design, in the full digestion and absorption of the essence of Hong Kong's clothing culture, based on the characteristics of Asians clothing, integration of "I have no people, I have excellent" concept of the product, each works Is the beauty of Iraq's "heart" dedication.

"Iraq's the United States," underwear products, their own production, a needle-line are carefully selected by the Iraqi beauty, Seiko secret agents, each one of the products are the beauty of Iraq's "heart" to pay.

"Iraq's beauty" underwear products and services, the implementation of chain operations, for the majority of individual entrepreneurs, covering all of China's urban and rural areas. From the store site selection, image design, product delivery to door counseling, each franchise will be Iraq's beauty "heart" care.

"Iraq's beauty" underwear, women will be convinced that: to do a woman "very" good.

伊之美品牌内衣  凸显气质由内而外

As the owner of Iraq's beauty, "Shenzhen Floyd Ya Industrial Development Co., Ltd.", was established in 1996, is an integrated company; companies abide by the "innovation, service, win-win" creed in order to high customer loyalty As the basic starting point, always uphold integrity management, located in Shenzhen Future Transportation Hub - Longhua, Longtang Industrial Zone in Long Tong to create a good office environment, production sites and product distribution center, at present, the company has president office, China Merchants , Operation Department, Network Department, after-sales service department, underwear product department, underwear production department and distribution center and other departments, with a number of high-quality staff, can efficiently and accurately for the franchisee to provide good service.

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