Proud Austin ladies create amazing Variety girl

Confident wind, charm show, brave and confident youth, is a regretless youth, charming publicity of life, is a proud life!

Whether it is a busy work, a hurried life, or a bland day, a seed of a dream will blossom; a pair of free wings will fly the sky; a shining Stage, will sing the future.


Each girl has a unique inner strength, each girl has a charming charm, each girl has the personality of my style, proud of new ideas to create a unique female new image: the courage to innovate happy girls, confident flying The white-collar beauty, infinite variety charming girl to be confident, show charm, please come with me!

Proud of Austin costumes, a great potential of women's brand , founded in 1997, the headquarters is located in the capital of the brand - Quanzhou, is a clothing retail-based, the development of chain-run national chain. The existing on-the-job staff of more than 700 people, all kinds of technical staff of more than 100 products cover women's fashion, women's shoes, and a variety of popular accessories, at present in all provinces and cities in the country has nearly 100 franchise stores.

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