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From fashion capital ------ Milan, the trend of men's brand JW is a nearly 40-year-old famous men's brand. JoyWesley, the founder of the brand, is a half-breed from Spain and Italy, whose father is an interior designer. Since childhood has a stubborn character of the body flowing is the passion of Spain and the ancient Roman elegance. Joy, with her parents, moved to Milan, Italy, for her father's childhood. In the seventies, Joy, influenced by the trend of rebellion in Europe and America, opened his first design studio in Milan. From the very beginning, Joy established a distinctly different design orientation from the aristocratic top garments like Balenciaga, Viktor & Rolf. Actively involved in the design of hippies, yuppies among street clothes, keeping up with the historical trend. Into the end of the last century, the beginning of this century, JW into the era of mashup, its style into the history, aristocracy, street, ethnic, women and other elements, both to create both elegant and soft taste, but also emphasize the street personality dress style. At the same time Joy emphasizes the creation of shopping space. From the space division to the reshaping, from the Italian architecture and decoration to the props carefully displayed, from clothing to lighting, props and space interspersed portfolio, everywhere everywhere show traditional and modern, the perfect expression of the whole and details. JW men's series emphasizes urban lifestyles of the influx of people, urban influx of people as the main consumer groups to create NewLife (New Life) and NewJeans (New Leisure) series.

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