GEN. Simple and trendy women's fun elements of individual color

BRADN STORY ----- from Japan, began in 1996. Born in Japan YOSHIDA Co., Ltd., designed for urban young women carefully crafted exclusive fashion brand. Rely on a unique Japanese popular planning team, brings together the world's leading avant-garde designer, carefully capture the fashion sense, passionate feeling of intellectual temperament, the color, touch, fun elements of creative integration, that show the unique style of fashion, without losing the public Taste characteristics, the style of Japanese clothes, the original lineage to China, only to create suitable for China's dominant groups lifestyle design, supplemented by a reasonable price and excellent quality, urban women's clothing style , Create a unique vane.


【GEN. Jane】 As its name, romantic, elegant, simple, confident, the unique artistic tension and competitive commercial value, intertwined, light and graceful.

GEN.简时尚女装 趣味元素个性色彩

Steadiness, monotonous work attire, can no longer satisfy the inner desire of confident women, interesting elements, individual colors, delicate touch, is the fashion trends of office workers clothing.

Cement Fiber Felt 

1. Cement Fiber Felt Description

Cement Fiber Felt is made of multilayer structure monofilament mesh bottom and 100% nylon fiber. It can also called Fiber Cement Board Felt

Cement board felt

2. Fiber Cement Board Felt Specification

Width Range

1.2 ~ 2.5M

Length range

8.0 ~ 50.0M

Weight range

1400 ~ 1700G/M2

The permeability ( filtration performance )

1000 ~ 1200MM / S (200Pa)


PH value

6 ~ 11


3. Fibre Felt For Cement Board Features

Forming, filter and transport in the cement board or tile production line; harmless security products

uniform texture, good surface, good permeability, good filterability, stable size, stable operation and long life;

4. Fibre Felt For Cement Board Application

It is used widely in cement board production...mainly for the pulp and cylinder mould machine & Headbox and dip NET forming cement products machinery.

Cement Fiber Felt

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