Kang Lui brand underwear Panyu Tung Chung franchise stores grand opening

After Kang Luni careful preparation headquarters, Panyu Tung Chung Kang Luni brand underwear to join the shop on June 13, 2012 grand opening, in order to let the majority of women across the country to enjoy high-quality, cost-effective brand underwear, underwear Kang Luni always strive to uphold the This is also the embodiment of brand value.

Kang Lui all underwear franchise stores have adopted a standardized mode of operation to achieve the headquarters of supervision, the development of all departments regulate the orderly operation.


Panyu Tung Chung brand underwear franchise stores overall renovation image

National unified underwear chain store style and lingerie underwear brand image laid her in the underwear chain in China's leading position in the franchise industry, more please visit the underwear brand Kanglu Ni, and set her in the eyes of consumers in the noble and not expensive brand value Good reputation; to ensure franchisee a Wanli sustainable investment vision.


Panyu Tung Chung brand underwear stores in the Cnen Lui underwear brand image

Kanglui brand underwear, a symbol of fashion underwear brand, showing the personal taste of women and unique style of artwork, reflecting the charm of women from the inner.


Guangdong Panyu Tung Chung brand underwear franchise stores underwear products

Kang Lu Ni brand positioning: fashion, popular, healthy underwear. Brand Features: 1, underwear product diversification, rich styles, a wide range; 2, stylish design, production of sophisticated; 3, twice a year seasonal goods - spring and summer and autumn and winter seasons. Over the years adhering to the "chain management, integrity and win-win" approach to business, sales year after year, the rapid growth of cooperative agencies, showing a good momentum of development for Kang Lu Ni to the national market has provided a strong guarantee of production technology.
Welcome to visit the company, Kang Lui wish you success as early as possible to join underwear brand entrepreneurship projects, to enjoy a healthy life!

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