JOJO children's clothing image spokesman selection Xi'an Division successfully concluded

June 2, 2012, JOJO national image spokesperson selection contest in 2013 officially opened in Xi'an, the first victory. Xi'an is honored as one of the four ancient civilizations in the world. Here, JOJO set off a new cultural movement about children in fashion after 00 and crossed the collision of history to make this ancient cultural city full of vitality and passion of the new century. JOJO children's clothing Founded in 2002, Shenzhen Di-chi Garment Co., Ltd. operates two major brands of "JOJO" mainly in black and white and "D-Tsai" in color. Nowadays, it has developed into a set design, production and domestic and foreign trade One of the large companies, with high-quality professional team, with excellent quality and integrity of the business has won many domestic and foreign customers recognition and favor. JOJO children's clothing Xi'an Division of the first victory, it is more looking forward to the other five division of the war, but also more players are expected to struggle in the final field. JOJO image endorsement contest is not the outcome of the competition, but did not let more children involved, have not let more children learn JOJO's courage, confidence and personality. In the northwestern region with profound cultural background, competitions of modern and fashionable nature are rare, and there are even more handicaps related to children. In 2011 JOJO image endorsement contest began to move to the whole country. In 2012, Xi'an once again became an undoubtedly important one and caused strong social repercussions. This year's Xi'an Division preliminaries scheduled to be held in the prestigious department store high store, the scene has nearly 500 children to participate in the election, together with the accompanying parents, crowded.

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