Calvin Klein Women's New Products show American Modernism

Architectural Profiles has always been a tribute to Francisco Costa, a minimalist master who introduced the concept of "California Modernism" to the 2013 Calvin Klein Vacation Series among them. This does not mean, however, that the sensual taste is missing in the women's clothing of CK (Calvin Klein), and fabric stitching, cool colors, and long profiles have become sexy endorsers under the guise of Francisco Costa.

Calvin Klein 女装新品展示美式现代主义

Calvin Klein 女装新品展示美式现代主义

"This season's fabric looks stiff square, but as the model wears out and walks, you find the fabric very soft, flexible and cute, which is what American modernism should look like." Designer Francisco Coase Francisco Costa explained after the show.

Calvin Klein 女装新品展示美式现代主义

In addition to this special fabric, soft and transparent tulle, snakeskin fabric has also become CK (Calvin Klein) show sexy one of the girls, tops, strapless, perspective, high slits make their sexy charm more sultry ...

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