The language of love to convey the love of Li Body Body underwear

Allyia set up a Hong Kong group company in 2001. The perfect combination of the romantic European design concept and the Asian female figure created the home and underwear products that fit the oriental femininity.
The main products are underwear, thermal underwear, body underwear, home clothes, sleepwear, swimwear and other full range of underwear products, including the adjustment of underwear for the company's flagship product, which not only to solve the problem of women's chest drooping, external expansion, relaxation And many other issues, but also contribute to the healthy development. The pursuit of beauty, self-confidence, it is the relentless pursuit of modern women, but also our principle of service, we want to make Alvijia synonymous with health, confidence, beauty, to convey the language of love.

传达爱的语言 爱丽维娅美体内衣

At present, the women who take Vitamin E and apply essential oils are popular with women. In response to this demand, Elvira has developed scented aromatherapy care lingerie and Vitamin E moisturizing care lingerie. Victoria E care underwear, which added Victoria E essence, through a unique slow release technology to achieve the effect of nourishing the skin care, so that when people wear this underwear, you can anti-aging, improve skin immunity, repair rough skin. Victoria E moisturizing underwear silky warm, it is the main component of wool, modal, cotton and Lycra. Women's underwear colors are mainly orange, pink, red, purple.


All good things on the heart

The company, in its hand with a grip that is eternal.

Can accompany you fed ordinary person, can accompany you feel better.

We meet , we know each other, we love each other, we meet.

We used to make each other in the future a prosperous time wedding, travel together, go to taste the food.

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