Japanese brand HIROKO KOSHINO2012 / 13 autumn and winter women's new release

In this Tokyo Fashion Week, Japan's most representative fashion brand HIROKO KOSHINO released its 2012/13 autumn and winter women's new products. HIROKO KOSHINO's HIROKO KOSHINO COUTURE, HIROKO KOSHINO PREMIER, HIROKO KOSHINO, TRUNK and HIROKO BIS five clothing brands, a total of 250 stores in Japan and overseas. HIROKO KOSHINO This series of new women's clothing brings us a very strong contrast, the color choice, the first from the low-key deep black gradually over to beautiful and colorful; in style, but also from the conservative transition of a conservative black uniform to sweet Graceful dresses, covering the majority of women's dress needs, to meet the needs of modern women's dress.

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