Let the child incarnation as a small gentleman and a small lady Gucci children's clothing

Gucci Gucci spring and summer children's clothing by Gucci Gucci traditional standard horse title, G-ring buckle, and green and red ribbon starting to create a small fashion traveler holiday Marina shape. Girls with sailing blue and white striped design of the lotus dress level dress skirts, all kinds of bright yellow, mint green pink color looks refreshing spirit, the handsome little captain is LOOK boys, blue and red sweaters, windbreaker and decoration Classic details of the sneakers, as if the number one yuppie boy! Gucci Gucci 2012 spring and summer new series of children's clothing Although Xiaobian do not like children wearing big brands launched a small children's clothing, always feel a little too luxurious, but also invisible seems to give a sense of not too close to the distance. However, some ideas later changed, looking at these big brands one after another to join the ranks of children's wear production, we know this piece of the market is still very competitive. Gucci children's clothing line, as the brand style, the small model of the various incarnations for the little gentleman and little lady, the series also invited the brand's signature bear together into the mirror, the overall presentation is very cute.

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