Ten tips in the marketing master negotiations

[China Glass Network] For those who are not engaged in sales, selling this job, many people avoid it, it is too challenging, unstable, stressful, always advance in the challenge, etc. It seems to be the world. One of the more difficult jobs, but for the elites in the sales industry, the fun of sales is a lot, because sales work is a work that leads to dreams, a job that stands at the same starting line with entrepreneurs and bosses. For the strong, this stage can not be measured by any material. The process of big waves and sands is full of heroic style. This is the endless "magic power" that drives generation after generation of marketing people into sales, to success and to achieve brilliant.

The people in the industry are fighting for performance, and the source of performance comes from experience. These are the big resistance to success for newcomers. How can we find a shortcut that is closer, quickly become a master of marketing negotiation, and make a career, I want every one. Sales people are long-awaited.

Everything has his regularity. In the 20 years of marketing management, countless business people have completed the process from strange to familiar, from familiar to achievement under the guidance of the author. Many people are now middle and senior managers in the marketing industry. Therefore, marketing masters can be quickly practiced. Below I will elaborate on the 10 most important elements in the negotiation of marketing masters.

Confidence in the front

Confidence is very important for business people. There is a slang in Chinese martial arts called a daring and three martial arts. It is said that there is courage and opponents to confront each other. Without confidence and courage, no matter how good the technology is, it cannot create success. I believe that I can do it myself! Therefore, self-confidence is the foremost element of our work, that is, the sword is said in the sword. If you meet your opponent, you must dare to shine the sword. Even if you die, you will be defeated! Look at today's winners which one is not full of confidence? I do not think it would be arrogant to start start start it <br> <br> second technology (product knowledge)

Be sure to know everything you are doing, especially the details. Any details in the negotiation are for the opponents to balance the factors of cooperation. The opponents will understand your style and attitude during the negotiation process. It is speculated that the background of the company's strength is consistent with what you said, so the technology must pass, the simple way is to memorize, back to the flow, then I believe no one can beat you on the technical level, your odds are more than one <br> <br > The third layout (negotiation process)

In order to make the negotiations more conducive to oneself, it should be laid out before the negotiation, from the negotiation place, to the negotiation time, from the negotiation link, to the negotiation process. You can design it yourself. In a guideline, you can relax. while opponents appeal due to unfamiliar conditions, in the negotiations will be more difficult to put a passive open, in a word, you can prepare a person is not ready to win the fourth attract <br> <br> (then surgery)

Negotiating with customers Many people like to talk about products. (Peer-to-peer talk) The reason is very simple. Product cooperation is fundamental. In fact, this talk is very chaotic, there is no order, and the feeling is not a rule. East, West, and often need the other side to set up the platform, the other party is also very easy to ask related issues to play the game, such negotiations often have a long period of time, the effect is very unclear, Mr. Zhang Jingquan believes that should learn from the face (face to talk Law), from the history of enterprise development to the marketing model, gradually approaching the product, and later outputting the product, the attraction of such negotiations is obviously increasing. Remember that your negotiation is to make the opponent interested and want to cooperate, not to see who is better than who. Talkative. At the beginning, I will not make a speech according to this idea, and I will start negotiations at the back! So attractive is a key factor in negotiations fifth <br> <br> demand (profit)

Before negotiating and negotiating, we must remember that demand is the core of the whole negotiation. We always remember what the other party needs, to guide him, and to go along the way. The customer’s demand is not the product itself, nor the brand value. What he needs is actually Effective profitability, and this profit is based on the preconditions of demand, so do not deviate from the theme in the negotiations, resulting in a long chat with the product, the embarrassing situation of asking questions.

Sixth trust (identity)

The foundation of cooperation is trust. It is impossible to imagine cooperation without trust. It is a very artistic thing to gain the trust of the opponent. First of all, we must first close each other's distance, from the fellows, classmates, an industry, some When a hobby is started, the trust in the negotiation is often built up in things that are not related to cooperation. Everyone is relaxed, and the negotiation is easy. In a relaxed environment, people are more likely to identify, so building trust is you. have to do homework <br> <br> seventh resonance (familiar)

This element is very important. People are always full of fear and vigilance about things they don't understand. They must talk to their opponents about things they know and understand, and they must be able to resonate, such as talking about politics, talking about patriotism, talking about social talks, etc. In short, it is a matter of familiarity with customers. This kind of resonance is more, and you and the customer naturally become a kind of person, and the things that the same kind of people do are of course the same, so your cooperation will definitely be a matter of course<br> < br> The eighth case (metaphor)

During the negotiation process, the importance of the case is very prominent. What is the feasibility of the project to verify? In the case, there are several sets of different cases, interspersed in the negotiations, good cases will give customers the illusion of being immersive, and once this illusion is formed, your customers will get closer and closer to cooperation<br> <br> ninth simple (reach)

Long-term planning and prospecting, the cooperation must be grand, and the core of the cooperation project behind the grand, simple, simple customers are easy to understand, too cumbersome customers need long-term analysis and consideration, time is money in the negotiations, success or failure often at the moment, so to seize the opportunity to quickly and easily reach the finishing touches cooperation <br> <br> tenth principle (rule)

Business negotiations between Party A and Party B are opposite. The mistake that business personnel are more likely to make is that there is no principle, thinking that cooperation can be achieved in this way. This view is wrong. From the customer's point of view, unreasonable requirements are more important than wanting to obtain greater benefits. He wants to use this to verify Party A's cards and integrity. When we retreat, the customer's sense of distrust will also increase, and the later promises will become meaningless, so stick to the principle. Not only for corporate responsibility but also for customers to be standardized and secure.

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