Talking about the "Free" Marketing Mode of Network Marketing

[China Glass Network] The "free" model has always been a marketing tool for merchants, using people's love for cheap features for marketing. The author recently learned that the SEO training community has killed a dark horse. One of its larger marketing features is to use the "free" model for SEO training. And this matter has caused a lot of attention on the Internet. Some people think that this is a trap of marketing, and it is a trick to swindle money. Today, the author will talk to you about some personal opinions on this matter:

Is "free" really a trap?
After the SEO free training event, the "free" marketing model began to attract the attention of many people. Some people are questioning, some people are optimistic, and many people are waiting to see. So is the "free" marketing model good or bad?

In fact, from the marketing point of view, the "free" model is just a marketing strategy. Merchants are able to attract more customers by offering some "free" products or services to pave the way for their next marketing. We usually encounter such a marketing model both in real life and online. For example, some third-party storage network disks provide you with 500M or 1G of free memory at first. If you want to have more storage, then you have to pay. More typical is QQ, which we all use, no charge? But if you want to become a member, want more space, want more and more services, then you can only get money. In addition, Google's marketing model for advertising fees is a typical case of free marketing. Can you tell them that they are traps?

So how can it be considered a marketing trap? In the author's view, the marketing trap mainly means that the value you pay is far greater than the value you get. Usually some bad businesses use “free” marketing to lure consumers, and their products or services are not satisfactory. Then, this time you can say that this is a marketing trap. Therefore, the difference between free marketing and whether it is a trap is mainly to see if the merchant can provide enough value to the customer. And we are not able to kill a stick, thinking that the "free" model is a marketing trap.

Free mode is the emotional marketing card

The free model is actually an emotional marketing card that the merchants play, and free marketing is just a step forward. If you understand Liu Keya's marketing, you will understand that this is a process of catching potential (potential customers). First, let the customers go to their own fish ponds through certain promises of interest, so as to establish a customer database to prepare for their next transaction and sales. After giving the customer a certain benefit, the merchant will easily gain the trust of the customer and cultivate the loyalty of the customer. Once the customer has a degree, then the merchant will launch some other fee-based services for the customer at this time, and the customer will naturally accept it. Because he has accepted this business from the heart, there has been a certain "feeling" between the merchant and the customer.

Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the free model

First of all, for the merchant: the "free" mode of marketing has the advantage of being able to quickly build customers and build customer loyalty, paving the way for the next marketing of the merchant. But the downside is that the products or services provided must be valuable to the customer! And the “free” payment at the beginning requires the merchant to make a loss plan. Just like today's e-commerce giants are trying to win more market share by burning money to win over customers. If you want to have enough market share, you need to have enough funds.

For consumers: The advantage of the “free” model of marketing is that it allows us to get more benefits. But we can't lose more of our profits just for the sake of being cheap, because in this "free" mode, consumers are easy to blindly follow, blindly believe, and they are convinced that those bad businesses are not as good as us. I have paid a lot. Let yourself really fall into the trap of "free" marketing for bad businesses.

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