"SHOW SHOW" The second China Fashion Underwear Design Competition triggered a strong media attention

March 14, 2012, Shanghai New International Expo Center N5 Museum Conference Center is packed, from Zhejiang Satellite TV, "Metropolis Express," "Qianjiang Evening News," "China Textile News," "China Fashion Weekly," " underwear show" , International underwear network, the Chinese fashion brand network and other mass and professional media group, gathered in the conference center, to participate in by the China Textile Association underwear Committee sponsored by the Guangdong Golden figure Co., Ltd. contractor and named the "golden figure SHOW" The second China Fashion underwear design competition press conference.


"Golden figure SHOW " Second China Fashion Underwear Design Contest press conference scene

At 10 am, Peng Guifu, president of China Underwear Association Underwear Committee, Zhang Zhiqiang, chairman of Shantou Shijia Industrial Co., Ltd., Guangdong Golden figure Co., Ltd., design director Wang Panpan, president of Zhongyuan Institute of Technology, Hu Luoyan, senior consultant Yin Jianrong, The first Chinese fashion underwear design contest runner-up Li Xuefei, industry associations, organizers leaders and guests into the conference center, on the "golden figure SHOW" the second session of the China fashion underwear design competition to answer questions from reporters, the General Assembly by the textile Associate chairman of the Council of underwear chair song moderator. As a professional and authoritative competition in the underwear industry, it started to attract intense media attention. As a result, the number of media participating in this press conference and the enthusiastic questions raised a new record in the industry.


Peng Guifu, executive vice president of China Textile Business Association and president of underwear committee attended the press conference and interviewed by media reporters on the spot

As the organizers of the leadership Peng Guifu affirmed the "golden figure SHOW" the first China fashion underwear design competition made, he believes that such fashion events held in the country, to promote the upgrading of China's underwear industry, popular underwear healthy wear culture , Mining design rookie plays a decisive role. With the successful launch of the 2nd Design Competition, the influence of the entire event will be further enhanced, with a wider coverage and more participants, making the underwear design competition an exchange platform for people to realize their dreams and make more Understand, like underwear culture, so that the industry forward more healthy.


Zhongyuan Institute of Technology Hu Luo Yan, president of the Institute attended a press conference and asked reporters on the scene

Zhang Zhiqiang, the organizer of the Guangdong Gold Pictures Co., Ltd., the organizer of the second China Fashionable Underwear Design Contest, gave a presentation to the media about "Green Show", the theme of the competition. He considered green as life, It is a symbol of the revival and vitality of all things in spring. Green is the soul of nature, and is the common witness of caring for the green homeland with love and action. Therefore, the theme of this competition is to lead the green and healthy-oriented eco-concept and create avant-garde appearance. With the global concern for environmental protection as the deep connotation, the contest leads the fashion show of elegance and fashion. In addition, he answered the golden figure SHOW global chain model in the Chinese market operation, as well as the introduction of China's top marketing planning agency, S spokesman for the invitation to enhance the overall brand image, the introduction of "I like pilots" slogan and other hot topics in the market. In particular, he pointed out to the media that SHOW is a golden part of the advertising system is a part of the marketing system, consistent with the overall marketing strategy, so that the golden figure SHOW chain mode for the industry chain to create more wealth and achieve common partners The ultimate goal of affluence.


China Textile Association underwear Committee executive vice president, chairman of Shantou Shi Jia Industrial Co., Ltd.,
Zhang Zhiqiang, chairman of Guangdong Golden figure underwear Co., Ltd., improvised answer questions from reporters

Subsequently, the participating guests on stage also clothing students will actively participate in the organization of students, the design of China's underwear need to be innovative and other issues to answer questions from reporters. The success of the press conference, indicating that "Green Show" set sail, will be celebrated in China, also shows that the "golden figure SHOW" the second China Fashion Underwear Design Contest strong start, the next step will continue in the country's colleges and universities Conduct road show promotion activities, so that more people involved in the competition, so as to students dreams to provide the ideal way.


Press conference many media coverage

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