Dealer salesman and core store negotiation language summary

[China Glass Network] How to better grasp the downstream customers at the end of the year and realize the growth of sales next year is a matter for companies and salesmen to consider. The year-end appreciation will be a very good means to enhance the customer's feelings, so how to let customers participate in the appreciation of the meeting is particularly important, this article is related to this aspect, and discuss with everyone!

1. Negotiation preparation:

Prepare the "Package Profit Analysis Form", "Gift Sample", "Sweepstakes Table", Invitation Letter, Store Agreement, and the salesman memorizes the policy.

2. Negotiation process with the head of the core store:

Salesperson A: (Into the store, say hello, greetings) Big Brother B, how is the business closer? / The weather is really cold these two days, I heard that North Korea’s Kim Il Sung passed away! ......

B boss: Yes, I didn't expect to die so soon, and I expected him to do something with the American devil! / Closer busy, busy preparing for the new year! (Looking at the situation in the store, quickly analyzing the situation)

Salesperson A: Yes, the end of the year, wine, candy and other non-staple food should also be purchased!

B boss: Well, isn't this getting ready for wine and milk?

Salesperson A: Yes, what is the profit of this year's drinks? (A turn of the word, understand the profit of the new year)

B boss: The profit is general, the competition is too intense! (Discover the situation and react quickly!)

Salesperson A: We XX company launched a new policy at the end of the year, with a profit margin of 50%, which is a big year in the company policy over the years! (Be sure to emphasize 50% of profits to attract the attention of the boss)

B boss: 50% profit! Fucking people? (income interest, focus on company policy)

Salesman A: This is the case, Big Brother B! This year, the company launched a new cooperation model, which is to establish long-term and stable strategic partnership with large supermarkets and large customers with strength, capital and large passenger flow. Let us develop together (appropriate compliments and establish a good communication atmosphere) ). In order to better reward customers, this year the company launched three major policies:

Policy one; book a package, enjoy monthly rebates, annual rebates and excess incentives. (Take out the A/B/C package profit analysis form prepared in advance), Big Brother B, you see this is the profit analysis form of A/B/C package that we XX company specializes in 2012, I give How much can you earn in a year? (The salesman will analyze the profit of each package to the store owner, and emphasize it after the analysis is finished.) You can earn 20,664 yuan a year by eating back and normal profits!

Policy 2: Customers who subscribe to the package A/B/C and pay cash will receive a silver medal of 30g/20g/10g with a value of 1,500 yuan / 1000 yuan / 500 yuan. (The salesman took out the sample), Big Brother B is a thousand-foot silver. It can be collected for a long time, and it will continue to appreciate and appreciate. It is equivalent to making money every year (further expanding profits), and it will be passed to children in the future. This is what the company gave you in vain, not earning money.

B boss: Well... (have a heart)

Salesperson A: (observation reaction, continue to explain) Big Brother B, what are you afraid of when you first purchase? Not afraid of the goods in the warehouse, can not sell it! In order to solve your worries, we have a third policy, that is, as long as you purchase the goods, we will issue you a lottery ticket according to your purchase amount, and participate in the lottery of “Buy ××Products, Zhongda Award” of XX Company. Activity (the salesman takes out the lottery activity form and explains it to the store owner in detail!)

B boss: I will take a little test (doubt, hesitate)

Salesperson A: In addition to the above policies, the company also put forward the slogan "You buy, I will sell; how much, how much to sell; I sell goods, you make money; more purchases, more money", as long as the goods are purchased, the company will Give priority to the promotion staff, Guangxuan material support, etc. to help you to digest your inventory and solve your worries!

Salesperson A: Big Brother B, you have to take good care of such a good opportunity. If you have passed this village, you will not have this store! (Further urge the store owner to make a decision)

B boss: Ok, come to a package A!

Salesperson A: Big Brother B, do business and pay attention to integrity, right? ! (Taking out the cooperation agreement), the company has formulated the "×× Cooperation Agreement" for us. You can see that this agreement is to ensure the interests of both parties, and I hope you can sign it.

B boss: Really trouble! (Stolen in my heart)

Salesperson A: No way, XX company is a big company, what is done is professional, normative, so that you can make money, you say, Big Brother? ! (emphasizing the company's professionalism and good service)

B boss: Also right!

Salesperson A: (Get the invitation letter) Big Brother B, in order to ensure that you better understand our team, understand the company's 2012 policy, and relieve your worries, our XX company solemnly invites you to participate in the December 20th Our customer-friendly thank-you meeting at the better blue ocean hotel in the local area, as well as a gift worth 100 yuan, you must come to join us!

B boss: Ok, definitely! (Thinking in my heart: It really is a big company, it is style!)

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