The artist will be a landmark sculpture in Wuhan

The artist will be a landmark sculpture in Wuhan Yesterday, the "Versus - Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition" was held in Yiyuan Space. The famous sculptor and director of the Hubei Museum of Art Fu Zhongwang's works were exhibited. When interviewed by this reporter, he said that in Wuhan, it is difficult to have an iconic The sculpture became a representative of this city. The "nine-headed bird" is a very good material. In addition, he also said that Wuhan should not only build a city of art on the hardware, but also must increase its efforts in public education to allow art to enter the homes of the people.

Wuhan will have a landmark sculpture to speak of the Statue of Liberty and will remember the United States in New York; the mermaid sculpture is the symbol of the Danish capital Copenhagen; when it comes to the Wuyang sculpture, it is known as the Guangzhou of the Yangzhou City... and in Wuhan, it is difficult to have a sign. Sex sculptures become representatives of this city. As a local artist, Fu Zhongwang has created landmark sculptures for the cities of Qingdao, Weihai, and Germany in his 30 years of artistic career, while he rarely works in Wuhan. Fu Zhongwang also regrets this. However, Fu Zhongwang revealed that relevant units in Wuhan City have communicated with him and he will invite him and some famous sculptors to create a number of sculptures with Wuhan characteristics for Wuhan.

What kind of sculpture is suitable for Wuhan? Fu Zhongwang stated that he always wanted to make the Jiutou bird a symbol of Hubei or Wuhan. “Nine-headed birds have influence all over the world, and their popularity is very high. We should re-establish a new connotation for the nine birds from a positive perspective,” Fu Zhongwang said.

The “City of Art” has a long way to go to create a city of art. Wuhan will continue to build the Wuhan Art Center, Wuhan Literature Center, and integrate the Qintai Theater and Qintai Concert Hall to form a high-end cultural array. The investment in the Hanxiu Theater under construction amounts to 2.5 billion yuan, and the theater construction area is 86,000 square meters. The public will enjoy the world's top level large stage show at home. Fu Zhongwang stated that in addition to the above art facilities, Wuhan should also build some original public art buildings, such as sculptures and distinctive greenery, to enhance the city's artistic image and taste. In addition, Fu Zhongwang suggested that through the holding of large-scale art activities, as well as the strengthening of public art education and publicity, the soft power of urban arts should be promoted so that ordinary people can feel the charm of art.

Fu Zhongwang said that on the side of Paris, you can see many giant billboards for large-scale art events. However, from the Wuhan Tianhe Airport to the city center, you can hardly see similar public service advertisements. This shows that Wuhan's artistic atmosphere is far from enough. In recent years, Fu Zhongwang has created many outstanding works of art. In this exhibition, he has his new works. Fu Zhongwang stated that he will contribute more to personal art creation while at the same time offering more power for Wuhan to create a “city of art”.

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