Fixed-run operations - Ying Cai US (Y.CMD) identify the market, accurate positioning and steady development

From the perspective of competition, the competition of enterprises will shift from product competition to brand competition and enter into the image consumption era. The product can replace each other, and the brand can not, the brand's personality and value is unique, is irreplaceable. The product is life-cycle, and the brand is not, the brand can be inherited. Brand competition is the dissemination of competition, in the future development trend, marketing that is spread. Establish a good sense of the Chinese brand and concepts, master of advanced brand management technology, will be the future of casual wear brand competition in a very important factor. "Marketing in the future is a competition between brand marketing and brand competition, and businesses and investors will recognize that the brand is the company's most valuable asset." This concept is extremely important. Because it is a vision on how to develop, reinforce, defend and manage production operations. "Having a market is more important than owning a factory. The only way to own a market is to have a brand that has a market advantage first." This is the philosophy of marketing in the New Economy era, where marketing is building a brand and what every company must follow Regulations. Make a brand, you must tap a point of consumer interest, when consumers demand in this area, we will first think of its brand positioning, is to establish a clear brand in the market, different from the competition The image of the opponent that meets the needs of the consumer is designed to occupy a favorable position in the minds of the potential consumer. Many Chinese enterprises have ignored the importance of competition in fixed positions. Designed to create "China's first European-style casual wear," Ying Choi Meitai (Y.CMD) is Dongguan Dongguan Jiahui under the fashion leisure brand, the company clearly the importance of competition in the competition, identify the market for the brand, accurate positioning: Brand connotation: Products with its unique design concept of fashion and individuality, interpreting the vitality of youth, healthy and progressive brand connotation; Consumption Crowd Positioning: Products fully display the 16-35 year-old new generation to pursue fashionable and individualistic publicity idea of ​​life; Product style positioning: the organic combination of fashion and publicity personality, leading a new concept of fashion and leisure culture. Brand advantage: Improve the rigorous operation and management system: Has many years of production, sales operations, management experience, sharing science, and improve the management system; Strong production capacity, adequate supply security: strong production capacity, a sound integrated production and marketing Operation system, so that the supply of timely, accurate and efficient operation with adequate guarantees; successful operation mode, a full range of technology transfer and customer service support: Professional and actual combat experienced industry elite planned and purposeful on-site terminal market on a regular basis Operation demonstration; covering product knowledge, sales and service skills, display of goods, data analysis, teamwork and other staff counseling training; mature brand image and brand awareness: sharing many years of brand promotion of the fruitful; influence and appeal of superstar endorsements ; Strong product design and development advantages: a number of domestic and international clothing research institutes powerful alliances, a strong design team, tight market pulse, clever catch consumer trends, leading the casual fashion, playing the strongest voice of the times.

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