David Beckham sexy big show with H & M co-brand underwear

Recently, David Beckham (David Beckham) and H & M cooperation underwear promotional posters exposed. Beckham shirtless, sexy side. H & M × DavidBeckham series will be February 2012 Valentine's Day in more than 40 countries in nearly 1800 stores on the line.


Beckham tough H & M men's underwear photo show great muscle Bo sexy

Since its establishment, H & M has attracted not only the complete series of designers that global luxury brands such as Karl Lagerfeld, JimmyChoo and Lanvin have collaborated with, but they are often empty-handed and swept away. At the end of last year, just after working with Versace, H & M announced a collaboration with David Beckham underwear. The series of cooperation scheduled to be listed on Valentine's Day, is really looking forward to! In other words, even David Beckham are involved, then Victoria Beckham and H & M's cooperation is also just around the corner?

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