Very Monogatari Women's brand to create a variety of young and trendy girls

"Story of the very" brand to "young fashion - amazing girl" as the main design, the designer's pen, each dress to bring women's happiness and consumer delight. Not only because of the novel design of novel costumes, but also because of the quality, fabric, craftsmanship and reasonable price, can make customers from the visual, sensory and psychological all-round enjoyment.


Very: Need, share, unusual - reflects the rigorous brand products, the pursuit of excellent quality ideas, as well as product design unique.

Story: modern women's perception of life, experience. Female delicate soul, experience a different life, different insights.

In the process of comprehension, it gradually becomes a charming woman with independent thinking and unique personality


Bird Shape Basket

Animal Shape Basket,Bird Nest Shaped Basket,Bird Shape Hamper,Bird Shape Basket

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