In spring and summer women's fabrics, a variety of interactive counterpart fabrics have increased local orders.

In the recent China Textile City Market, spring and summer polyester silk thin women's printed fabrics interacted with nylon, nylon and polyester, nylon cotton dyeing and printing products. The transaction volume increased daily, and a number of floral cloth companies and large-scale salesrooms listed flower pattern varieties. There was an increase in the number of days for creative flower fabrics. Chiffon, oil satin, glossy satin, washed cashmere, pongee and diamond star, diamond enamel, kin silk, nylon quilt and other varieties printing and dyeing and bleaching fabric interaction, young women, young and middle-aged and middle-aged There are various styles of various block sizes and various flower types at different age levels. Some floral cloth companies and large-scale retail outlets have already placed orders for large-scale garment enterprise purchasers. The spot supply of flower fabrics was tight, and the prices of local products were increased. The number of spot transactions and orders were increased in the past few days. Polyester 75D—150DFDY bright, FDY matte, FDY semi-glossy triangle shaped silk spring and summer thin printing jet weaving fabrics, woven fabrics, warp knitted fabrics, knitted fabrics listed styles increased, although this year the small business operators Long Nianchun normal business The postponed, but up to now, some substantial companies in Shenzhen, Guangdong and Shishi, Fujian have brought a variety of new models. They have come to China Textile City to take part in the form of a chain store, and have welcomed a number of new customers to place orders in bulk. The added value of fabrics is still higher than that of Dalu.

Up till now, due to the lack of many workers in the processing enterprises around Xiaoshao and China Textile City, the contradiction between labor shortages has become more prominent. The spot market for finished fabrics has become insufficient, and prices have risen. Polyester FDY light, FDY semi-bright triangle special yarn spring and summer warp knitted fabrics, knitted fabrics, spray weaving fabrics, woven fabrics hit the market a wide variety of styles, printing and dyeing fabric interaction, small quantities and more varieties of flowers have more transactions The prices of many cheap fabrics that are listed on the market have risen steadily. Up to now, some small-scale business households of polyester simulating silk fabrics have not yet fully expanded their business. However, the 63DFDY to 75DFDY silk dyeing, printing and embossing fabrics in the traditional market have already been sold in relatively large quantities, but the processing volume is affected by the labor shortage. Certain restrictions, large batch processing business is difficult to ship in the short term.

In the recent market, the traditional market has a relatively large number of thin polyester imitation silk and medium-thickness fabrics. The counterpart merchants have interacted with spring and summer breeds in terms of thickness, interaction, and thickness, and the number of transactions has increased significantly. Currently, the listed varieties and traded varieties have exceeded. same time last year. Some of Jindi's stretch fabrics that continue to be sold at parity, and nylon-cotton intertwined stretch fabrics, have begun to receive popularity among their counterparts. Some of their counterparts have already been designated for mass-buying and bulk deals are small. Shaoxing, Xiaoshan, Huzhou, Hangzhou, polyester 50D-200DFDY, DTY silk and FDY matt network wire, light triangular shaped wire, silk long fiber weaving, woven type width 90-150CM shirt dress Jacquard fabrics, printed fabrics, jacquard printed fabrics, and embroidered fabrics, the number of flower patterns on the market began to increase, the spot market volume began to increase, and the price adjusted with the increase in the volume of the listed goods and the increase in the volume of transactions, in addition to the domestic demand for merchants to subscribe. , Foreign counterparts also have bulk subscriptions, some of the printing or jacquard categories of counterparts foreign orders increased locally, and some large-scale sales outlets urged foreign buyers to increase frequency.

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