Teach you several common curtain fabric cleaning tips

Before cleaning the curtains, first determine the method and cleaning agent according to the variety of curtain fabrics. Different curtains need to use different cleaning methods and cleaning agents. The following describes the cleaning methods of several common curtains:

Before using the venetian blinds to clean the curtains, first close the curtains, spray a proper amount of water or a polishing agent on the window leaves, and wipe them with a rag to keep them clean and bright for a long time. The drawstring of the curtain can be gently wiped with a soft bristle brush. If the curtains are dirty, use a rag to wash with some warm water-soluble detergent, or use a little ammonia solution to wipe off the dirt.

Roller curtains pull it down and scrub with a damp cloth. The roller is usually hollow, and a thin stick can be used, and the fluff is extended at one end to continuously rotate, so that the dust inside can be easily removed.

The curtains of velvet should first be removed from the curtains and then immersed in a neutral or alkaline special cleaning agent. The stains on the surface of the curtains should be removed by hand, washed and placed on a slanted shelf to make the water drip automatically. like New.

Canvas or linen curtains or hemp curtains are wiped with a sponge or a mixture of warm water or soap solution or ammonia solution. After drying, roll up. This method saves time and effort and works well.

Electrostatic flocking cloth curtains should not be soaked or brushed in water. Just wipe the cotton yarn with a small amount of alcohol or gasoline. If the flannel is too wet, do not twist it hard to avoid falling hair and affecting the appearance. You can use your hands to remove moisture or let it dry naturally to maintain the original appearance of flocking.

When cleaning Austrian lace window, first use the clothes vacuum cleaner or computer keyboard special vacuum cleaner to remove the dust on the lace, then gently sweep it with a soft feather brush, but be careful, don't break the decorative lace or get it. Skewed. Curtains made of ordinary fabrics can be wiped with a damp cloth or gently washed in clean water or in a washing machine.

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