How to use maintenance kitchen furniture

Kitchen furniture use:

1. Do not place high-temperature cookware or other high-temperature items directly on the kitchen utensils. Use a tripod, insulation pad, etc. to avoid surface discoloration or foaming.

2, keep the kitchen utensils clean, clean the countertop after cooking, wipe the water stains on the kitchen utensils, etc., keep the surface clean and dry, the ground area should be removed in time to avoid contamination of the cabinet.

3. Try to select the national authoritative organization to identify and approve the products. Pay attention to the resin impregnation and iron seal sealing treatment at each interface and countertop opening to ensure waterproof, fireproof, moisture proof and mildew resistance.

Pay attention to the following points in the maintenance of kitchen furniture:

First, the work surface and the door panel should not be tapped, and the sharper tool can not be used to describe the surface. Wipe with water after use and regularly wipe the surface with a cotton cloth dampened with a mild detergent. Usually pay attention to keep dry.

Second, the hanging cabinet is suitable for placing light objects such as seasoning jars and glasses.

Third, try to place heavy objects on the lower floor of the counter. The inside should be kept dry, pay attention to whether there is any leakage.

Fourth, chrome-plated hardware accessories should always be wiped with a dry cloth to avoid rust.

5. The sink should be cleaned with a brush or cotton cloth and a neutral detergent. Avoid sharp objects to describe the surface.

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