2011, Ding Dong cat children walk together with their children

A winter rain, the trees outside the house can not stand the test, have cleansing. Paved with golden leaves on both sides of the road, swaying branches of light convex, only a handful of green leaves also dotted the meantime. Wind and rain stopped, the warm sunshine as bright as spring, the children could not hold back the excitement out of the house, in groups of play together. Sun reflection, silhouetted against the innocent and lively smile of children, warm the entire winter. Looked at the sky, white clouds fluttering, the blue sky remains the same, the sun father smiled warm light shine on the earth, the child bathed in the sun father's health and happiness growth, the childhood world has become colorful, memorable. Last year in 2011, Ding Dong cat will be the best and most sincere wishes to the children, I wish my friends a healthy, happy, happy! 2011 Doraemon Autumn / Winter Collection The "Doraemon" brand was born in 1999 and is based on the simple, aristocratic style of the Mediterranean Italy, designed for stylish children aged 2-16 in the city. Each year, the "Doraemon Cat" Teachers walk in Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea, Hong Kong and other fashion birthplace in order to better design the most cutting-edge, the most trend-setting children's clothing, and strive to bring the international high-end fashion closer to your side, so that Chinese children experience the most Tide cat children's clothing with the most in-depth research and development of each piece of clothing, is committed to bringing endless joy to the child. Elegant and fresh colors, fabrics sophisticated, meticulous craftsmanship. First-class international top designers with a keen sense of fashion smell tight Tight stranglehold the international fashion trends, fashion elements into the brand's apparel development, leading a magnificent trend feast. Emphasis on diversified with fresh, bright, bright, elegant green color as the basic color, advocate nature , Comfortable, environmentally friendly, personalized leisure taste.China Top Ten brand children's clothing Ding Dong cat, has been committed to become the majority of children grow good partners, time Concerned about the growth of children!

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