How to maintain the development temperature of export-oriented service enterprises

The official statistics of the Canton Fair on November 4th show that the trade volume in spring and autumn trade fairs was 74.76 billion U.S. dollars, and the textile and apparel export turnover reached 3.42 billion U.S. dollars, basically returning to the 2007 level, except that short-term orders accounted for 88%. %, showing a higher trend. The industry generally believes that the unfavorable factors such as the debt crisis in Europe and the turbulent situation in the Arab countries, as well as natural disasters in some countries and regions have made the situation of clothing exports an even more severe situation. Although the Canton Fair turnover shows a recovery growth, it is far behind the increase in production capacity. As a result, export companies feel unprecedented pressure, and even corporate officials describe the situation of foreign trade this year as "a harsher winter than in 2008."

The predicament of exports, how important is the impact on apparel companies focusing on foreign trade? How to maintain the "temperature" of the development of foreign trade enterprises?

After the Canton Fair, the reporter interviewed Cai Dongsheng, chairman of Fujian Yebao Children's Products Co., Ltd. and Yang Jianwu, chairman of Foshan Shimei Clothing Co., Ltd., respectively.

Wild leopard clothing: three strokes to create export weapon Fujian Leopard Children's Products Co., Ltd. products include knitting, wool knitting and children's clothing, the company is headquartered in Shishi, Fujian. Cai Dongsheng introduced the situation at the Canton Fair and said that the company is a frequent visitor to the Canton Fair. The overall feeling of the Canton Fair is that buyers are demanding higher and lower prices in terms of products, and the number of orders and delivery times are shortening. The sales volume of Leopard clothing increased by 15% from the same period last year and the amount increased by 25% year-on-year. Taking into account the exchange rate changes and the risk of fluctuations in the price of raw materials, there are still some order companies do not answer. The increase in the amount of money is greater than the growth in volume, and both are the result of continuous promotion of industrial upgrading and enhancement of the added value of products in recent years.

Regarding the current export situation of garments, Cai Dongsheng believes that in addition to the downturn in the international consumer market, there are also competition factors for the development of textile and garment industries in Southeast Asia, South America, and other developing countries and regions, because countries such as Vietnam and Bangladesh have cheaper labor. . China's textile and apparel products are superior in the industrial chain, advanced in technology and equipment, and have strong ability to integrate resources. The level of modernization and information of enterprises is high.

"To this end, Leopard clothing began to build a tool to enhance its international competitive advantage three years ago." Cai Dongsheng said, "Leopard is developing domestic markets and building brands, and on the other hand, it has accelerated the transformation of export methods. It mainly starts from three aspects. The first is to hire professional design talents from Hong Kong to improve the product's original design level in the target consumer markets such as Europe and America, and strive to make the self-developed products better 'localize'; second is to introduce and develop information management systems to improve production and management. The third is to give full play to the advantages of the headquarters economic model, and set up several branches based on different resources in the country.The headquarters of Leopard is located in Shishi, Fujian, set up a processing plant in Jiangxi, set up a product development center and foreign trade center in Guangzhou, etc. According to the current situation, the company’s domestic sales and foreign trade businesses have maintained steady and rapid development with obvious results.

How to "winter"? Cai Dongsheng replied with a smile: It is essential to keep fit and improve internal strength.

Standard US apparel: pushing the domestic brand Foshan Biaomei Clothing Co., Ltd. is an outward-oriented underwear company in the town of Yanbu, from the OEM to the independent brand exports, a full 10 years, foreign trade and export standards are still OEM leading position. Since last year, the company has gradually shifted its focus to operating the independent fashion brands “INT'L MILAN” and “Gabelle”.

According to Yang Jianwu, each 20 yuan factory-made female bra, the profit is less than 2 yuan. Any increase in raw material prices or production, logistics, or any other problem may cause a loss, and the income and risks are not equal. In order to shorten the distribution chain and extend the value chain of products, BMI has established offices in Russia, Ukraine and other places three years ago to run its own brand “INT'L MILAN”. However, the cost of operating the own brand in the local area is too high and it is difficult to integrate it into the local culture. From the perspective of participating in the Canton Fair in the past two years, it has become increasingly difficult to process foreign trade by OEM. It is even more difficult to distribute independent brands abroad. Since 2008, compared with the overseas consumer market, the domestic consumer market is much more exciting. Therefore, the development of the domestic market is an inevitable trend of the company's transformation and upgrading.

In mid-October this year, more than 20,000 square meters of the new US office building completed, and the Guangdong Institute of Textiles and other universities to design and research and development of new products, the celebration held on the evening of the Gabelie brand first fashion conference, Gabrielle fashion, The elegant and pure style won applause and overflowing words.

“Since the implementation of the internal management brand of Bailey since last year, the development status of regional agencies and franchise stores is good. This shows that the direction and way of transformation are correct.” Yang Jianwu told reporters.

How to "winter"? Yang Jianwu laughed and answered: “Winter is coming, can spring be far behind? Confidence is more important than gold!”

From the interviews of these two companies, I could not help but think of Mao's poems and sayings: "The Xiongguan Road is as iron as it is, but now it is moving from scratch." After more than 20 years of market economy baptism garment companies, there may be more "winter" coup. One thing is certain: Every winter is the starting point for a stronger company.

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