Feng Bao Ma Feng Men embodies the rich European style

"Feng Bao Ma Feng" men full range of apparel products, into the world's most advanced management concepts and the most optimized production technology, from fabrics, models to accessories with, all reflect the rich European style. Its product style is simple, handsome, elegant and stylish, bright colors, chic style, classic fashion, elegant bold. Guangzhou Century Bao Chi Garments Industry Co., Ltd. Services merchants, determined to successfully share. Pay attention to the profitability of the channel, attach importance to the promotion of partners and long-term development. Over the past few years, the company continued investment in brand communication, rapid promotion of brand influence; innovation in product design, with a rich category to expand market capacity; in marketing, adherence to business ethics and credit, cooperation with the franchisees, a total of Into a win-win situation; in the channel management, not only provide strong products, but also in the logistics, information and personnel training and management, to give partners a full range of support. Sea memory friend, hand in hand success! We invite all the major business operators join the apparel industry to discuss brand development plans to create "Feng Bao Ma Feng" glorious history. First, the concept of positioning: men's full range: suits, leather jackets, cotton jackets, jackets, sweaters, shirts, pants, T-shirts, underwear, ties, leather goods, perfumes, etc .; Second, the style positioning: elegant, noble, fashion, vitality, Simple, classic; Third, the market positioning: 25-45-year-old fashion, elegant urban men; Fourth, business orientation: the franchise-based throughout the country, set up stores, shopping malls and other offices; a city and the capital city of the image Flagship, aimed at tree image, set an example.

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