Autumn and winter fashion and then upgrade, to be a workplace "color equipment master"

This site on October 27th, even in the workplace, the constant black and white gray color is too monotonous and conservative! Quickly come to work in the high school workplace color science, use bright yellow, pink, bright green to emphasize your sense of existence, to be a professional "color mounted" master.

Basic program - a small area to make a base 1. Bright color for the bottoming shirt to set off the small jacket, is the most basic and most secure way to take;
2. The court style indigo jacket is the key to match, not only with the uniform of the black trousers, but also with the bright yellow vest;
3. With contrasting colors in the upper body, pants and accessories can be highlighted with the strongest black highlights.

The basic program - geometric color 1. The maximum gas color performance is non-geometric color, bright yellow + light gray brings a bright effect to the overall mix;
2. The fashionable sense of the long vest is in perfect harmony with the artistic effect of geometric color blocks;
3. Long gloves, leather Leggings and exaggerated bracelets emphasize the overall urban feel.

Basic program - layered layered wear 1. The key to the stacking of sweaters and jackets lies in the handling of cuffs;
2. The uniform elements of the small jacket cuffs and the decorative clutches are the details of the simple shapes.
3. The shoes with purple trim belts echo the pink knit sweaters to make the match more complete.

Basic program - elegant coat 1. The basic white shirts are stacked inside the green knit shirt to highlight the refreshing and clean professional effects;
2. High-waist suit shorts and modified long vests meet the style of this season's neutralism, and there is no lack of intellectual elegance;
3. Simple watches and pearl collars emphasize elegance and harmony.
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