Fight beauty - what are clouds, brand building still have to be down-to-earth

Since July 10, Leonardo da Vinci furniture was exposed its "foreign brand" identity is purely fake, this event in the vast land of China continued to heat up discussions, people can not help but blurt out that such a large high-end brands, would have used this Such unethical means to reap huge profits, pit deceive consumers. Chinese enterprises moral heart really lost? Consumer rights really can not be guaranteed? Chinese enterprises have really come to the brand crisis of confidence it?

The public's question is worth examining. Enterprises from small to large, especially for those small and medium-sized growth companies, branding is the only way. New century shopping malls changing, our brand marketing has entered an integrated marketing communications brand era. In the process of brand building, we need to appeal to the public for our unique sales proposition, but also need to integrate various channels of communication, seize the opportunity to carry out a variety of brand awareness. However, all of our branding strategies should be based on a realistic attitude.


Never assume simply that by simply bringing your consumers into the brand context you create, until they are generously repay- ed, the problem is perfectly solved. Sensibility of consumers, your brand can be achieved, when the brand becomes the target audience under the media microphone, the sensibility of consumption is enough to disintegrate a brand.

Therefore, a sustainable development of the brand must know how to show, but also pay more attention to the influence of brand internal repair.


We can not only care fortunate: Da Vinci furniture Fortunately, not our heroic beauty with in the underwear industry, or certainly will impact us, we are faced with the impact of the consumer market. We also can not just criticize Da Vinci furniture industry ethics, damage our honest business, pragmatic business brand image, so that the public to some extent, there are doubts on the domestic brands have the wrong view.

At this juncture, we should at all times take this incident of Leonardo da Vinci as a wake-up call to our alarm bell. We should continue to conscientiously carry out our fine work style, focus our efforts on our products, serve our customers with sincerity, and build our brand carefully. To further consolidate our fantastic beauty - the leading brand of fashion underwear.

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