Light pearl fairy summer dream

When the sun is fiery, my heart is always longed for a fresh, like a ray of breeze was blown, bringing the most eager summer refreshing ...... Pearl, its soft light and restrained temperament, it is like a hint of light wind, Xu Not urgent, cool and refreshing. The pearl jewelry born that hint of elegance, so that your woman turned into an instant light of the wizard, pearl with a soft halo, showing a different kind of aesthetic qualities. Top to bottom: earrings / MIKIMOTO multi-layer pearl necklace / MIKIMOTO pearl diamond necklace / CHANEL top to bottom: earrings / CHANEL pearl necklace / MIKIMOTO pearl ring / CHANEL flower pearl ring / CHANEL

Our snow boots are main used in textile materials for upper,lining and insole,even sole for some styles.

The textile materials are usually including microfiber,terry,soft terry,kniited,jersey,check,felt,pile,croal fleece,corduroy,pulsh and so on.Each material have so many colors that it makes all people love them.

The outsole are usually used in TPR,EVA,PVC or Textile Fabric.

All snow boots are mainly for comfort and warmth in home.Also some styles can be worn in outdoor.

Women's Snow Boots

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