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What is beauty? - Is a brilliant childhood, with the United States and childhood, there is a dream take off the wings ... Yunlong Garment Co., Ltd. is located in the vibrant, passionate Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. Is a design, production, research and development, sales, export as one of the senior professional children's clothing company. Its collection of a group of professionals with a sense of creativity, grasp the strong sense of popular trend of professional children's clothing design, production, production of Chinese and foreign staff. Equipped with a strong sense of vitality and mature market development and strong sense of passion after-sales service team. Yunlong clothing relying on its own investment in the international garment export production plants, as well as a young and energetic team of professionals, we have been standing in the forefront of children's wear brands. 2003 years Yunlong Garment Co., Ltd. with many years of experience in the apparel industry, after full investigation and careful choice, to Hong Kong to introduce the well-known Hong Kong children's wear brand - "M-Haier." Now in mainland China has established a broad market, the major north-south "American children" have taken root.

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