Women's striped fashion

Brand Women's striped fashion index 5 stars this year's stripes and suitable for bright colors, such as orange, pink, yellow, green, blue, etc. together. In addition, if more fleshy girls, choose the fabric of the clothes to be relatively Ting (Shan Shan wearing this piece), more personal clothes (I get this) will flesh your flesh and blood. But how to match this striped dress to wear clothing is not the feeling? Speaking so much about the fashion elements of the brand women's clothing, the exam now comes. With you can wear a suspenders inside, with jeans below. It is possible to use some methods to make it look fat when wearing stripes! How to avoid streaking fat problem? The same is the jacket. Striped sweater, left and right sleeves also made AB version of the design. The same stripes, a very thin stripes, a very wide. Women joined the chair to the three members of the Meixu striped pattern: the coat off, replaced by a large boyfriend wind T-shirt, cuff slightly folded, matched with a silver necklace, just very mature and gorgeous dress all at once It becomes a lot of lovely. Blue and white striped shirt, lower body can be used with black / blue pants / skirts, but also very professional feeling. Hats can pull up, it is very Kawa Yi design, Linda to help illustrate the cute letter design, plus a belt, from the baby into a small woman Gargan tanning goods Gan Wei match I really have nothing to say, clean and tidy European and American beat style. Select the contrast of the color stripes is not strong, the stripes near the color, it will be much softer, more will not swell. Older girls can also choose this, the collar can be turned oblique, or strapless wear. To test our host and guest. The first Shanshan, troubled body is a bit full, wearing stripes may be fat. Wide looks thinner than the thin approach: the strongest horizontal stripes sense of expansion, but if the middle of a pattern to break the stripes, it will give you the feeling that your body is only the width of the pattern, before and after comparison, A pattern will appear thin As the stripes will have the effect of expansion, so many girls are afraid to try, fear will be fat. Popular shoulder design dress. With the Pearl necklace, from the direction of breaking the trend of horizontal stripes. The lower edge of the pants can be rolled up slightly, exposing slender ankles, will make people more thin. Hit the color of the 80s, there are classic nude color. Black and white stripes, or blue and white stripes relatively easy to swell. But this body does with the feeling of people stuck. My transformation: However, there are preparations for Wang Jing, take off fur coat, put on a black jacket, seemed a lot of low-key. Sleeve pull up, you can also play the ratio of upper body shorter effect. The middle of the department overlap the belt, scarf, and suit jacket, people think the middle department is so busy! Proposed to remove the scarf and belt, suits linked with the chain, the middle of the black will make people feel the waist, which is the subject of cross-department but become a fair curve. One is black, one is striped, you will find the stripes appear more flash, more conspicuous! Although only black and white, but do not feel boring, more dynamic! So this is the charm of the stripes in more! Why do you say that? Because stripes are commoner sequins! Casual picnic equipment can choose this red and white stripes T, cuffs and denim fabric lotus leaf sleeve design, lower body with jeans / denim skirt can be. However, it is generally said that this body is too expensive with your friends, and there will be pressure on the average person to wear it. Look at Wang Jing's simple outside with a black suit jacket, very versatile and practical style first look at the Wei Wei with this striped dress using splicing method to break the stripe of a single direction, wear it do not have to worry about Will be fat. This spring is very important, first of all, the color, bright colors, black and white gray winter, the color finally returned. Echoes the lower body pantyhose and shoes, the upper body can be draped in a body shirt for decoration. Chest lotus leaf design just from the visual piece of the horizontal stripes broken, showing the feeling of irregular stripes, walking there will be graceful and elegant feminine. Inside with black / white T / shirt, wearing pants, will give a very capable feeling. Streaks will look too lively, not enough women? There are stripes suit. Remember, the wider the stripes, the higher the safety. Wang Jing's collocation is less color stripes T + gray sweater + khaki pants, very comfortable office workers dress up. Remind everyone, wear sweaters, sleeves can be slightly raised, not too straight, will give people too rigid feeling. PS: This is very popular this year, 80 full sense of stripe striped shirt. Work wear, lower body can be used with black pants / skirts. Wow ~ very beautiful! Fashionable elements of this year all the upper body friends. If the same to be changed, it is possible to change a strong sense of design necklace will be more points Linda modeling problems in the outer thigh wider, Linda use a scarf to retouch the topic. What style of clothes popular this spring? Multi-striped clothes is the first choice! Spring is coming, spring is finally here! Stripes will not appear harsh, not suitable for work wear it? However, many people are still afraid to try stripes, let us look at their concerns, as well as my solution! Look! So many stripes of clothes. This year's stripes in addition to the traditional black and white with blue and white, color stripes is also a bright spot Oh! In addition to color, there is another element is very important, that is the stripes! Whether it is cheap clothing, is still a high-level clothing, almost all will see the traces of stripes.

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