Survey shows that the most popular products for multinational online shopping are apparel shoes

According to a survey, the most frequently purchased goods for consumers in cross-border online shopping are clothes and shoes, beauty products and fragrances, air tickets and books.

The survey is a Visa e-commerce consumer survey conducted by Visa International in the third quarter of 2010. It visited 3,156 Internet users from mainland China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand.

The survey found that 32% of respondents had shopped on overseas websites in the past 12 months. Among them, the most popular multinational online shopping products are apparel and shoes (25%), beauty products and fragrances (18%), air tickets (18%) and books (14%).

According to surveys, 17% of respondents in Taiwan have conducted cross-border online shopping in the past 12 months. The purchase of goods includes clothes and shoes (38%), online auctions (30%), and travel accommodation (22%). ).

Taiwanese respondents who had shopped on overseas websites stated that the main reason for spending on overseas websites was that local websites or stores did not provide the required products (61%), overseas websites had more product choices (29%), and Overseas websites are cheaper to buy (24%).

The survey found that in the cross-border online shopping business in Asia-Pacific 6 markets, consumers have the highest percentage of shopping to US websites, and Hong Kong's shopping websites are the first choice for consumers in mainland China. Of the respondents who had shopped on overseas websites in the past 12 months, 90% said they had at least one experience shopping on US websites.

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