Bow with hairstyle show million style

Bow has always been the girl's favorite, but you know bow has a variety of expressions, can show thousands of different style it? Here's a look at how the star is using the bow with a haircut for beautiful extra points now. NO.1 model stars: Paris Hilton beautiful plus points: low side pony tail with glossy black silk bow hairband, elegant and gorgeous, without losing the vitality of young, very modern ladies temperament Oh. NO.2 Model Star: Rihanna beautiful plus points: fluffy fluffy red hair MIX Jade Jade Dot bow hairband, a bit messy, a bit tasteful, hot full of allure. NO.3 model star: Madou style: fresh and beautiful plus points: natural brown hair, casual draped over the shoulders, embellished with floral bowknot headband, seems to make us smell the most fresh Jasmine fragrance.

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