The Top Ten Trends in Fall/Winter 2011 are not to be missed!

Leading Words: The Top Ten Trends You Can't Miss in Fall/Winter 2011.


70S PRINT Seven Zero Fantasy

The illusions that reappeared in the 1970s were all the rage. This trend is based on Woodstock-style psychedelic effects to review the country style and super visual elements. The highlights of Janis Joplin's performance may seem to remind people today of the Florence and the Machine singer Florence Welch. Lacy mop skirts, wild fur, a sample is always doped with different design elements. In the process of color harmonization, the traditional wool fabric of Paisley's multi-color moire pattern is revived, cashmere fabric. Using geometrical optics and printing techniques, vaguely printed abstract floral motifs, palettes influenced by free factors, staged decorative arts, and elements that are more rustic, let people remember that trip to a distant destination, Can not help but want to depict a portrait of a modern flower girl.



This season is as intense as the color of a vitamin pill outlines a simple color profile. According to the Pantone color card, the elements are very strong, with sky blue, bright yellow, passionate red, hopeful green, pink, and indigo and purple. It is very important that you use color throughout your body and run through from head to toe. We should bear in mind the fact that whether the 70-year-old design master Mary Quant or Pierre Cardin used this method to color. Without fear, dare to boldly try to conquer the world’s eye through a high level of color reconciliation. The bold attempt to color should be respected. At the same time, it must also ensure the simplicity of the background with a simple outline. It adopts a clear and concise structure and advocates simplicity and simplicity. This is also a tribute to the modern minimalist female predecessors of the fashion world.



All white suddenly returned to the fashion front. White has always enjoyed a unique position in the summer, so now it seems time to change the point of view. Try to use silk white for fine clothing, and also use white in the cold winter. There is a kind of white, pure, pure, like the sponge in the home, bathrobes, holiday tablecloths like simplicity. The distinction between materials is still easy: wool knitwear or fine leather products. When color is used as the basis of judgment, it is definitely treasure that does not change color. Fashion is seasonal. At different times, clothing is marked with different features: tight-fitting gowns were affected by the 1980s; wool coats made of swan feathers; a large size coat or A short, refined coat. There is also a Parker coat or a new jacket belonging to a young family, a childhood cape filled with fairy tales of the Prince and Princess.



There is no doubt that the golden color is the key point of the next winter fashion. T stage beauty is like a maid in the palace of King Midas. They are dressed in gorgeous, gold-plated costumes, like alien creatures, covered by light, a powerful but not natural beauty. Choose a smooth, silky outfit that sparkles with brilliance, or a jingle that you prefer to mix and match. Kawakubo was decorated with gold leaves to create and portray a radiant female figure. There are also designers who use completely new and unusual proportions to cover their legs, torso, and head and trap themselves in shiny helmets, where the abstract tentacles strive to reach out to the light.

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