Beirut teach your children's clothing shop "Trilogy"

1. The best choice in the business climate is thick, heavy traffic, popular high-end integrated shopping mall near; 2. Select the visibility and traffic in the large commercial street (passenger demand to meet the characteristics of the target customer base); 3. Select the High-profile shops or shopping malls near (such as: McDonald's, KFC, etc. near); 4. Select in the large community, residential area nearby. Trio The second step: the store layout children's clothing shop signs and windows, the best to show the price of goods or services projects. It should be noted that the wrong display of the physical and often lead to customer dissatisfaction, so that fewer customers. You can also try to change the way the product is displayed, giving people a fresh look. Seasonal changes, starts, festivals and holidays are good topics. The arrangement of discount products should also be arranged with the heart, the main long products, should be placed inconspicuous in the store, while stimulating the purchase of goods to the customer should be placed in front. This display can attract customers into the store, but also can improve the visibility of the front of the product, increase sales. In addition, consider other space arrangements. If the warehouse is located at the back of the storefront, there should be enough space for the goods that are not easily stored behind the counter, and if necessary, a repair room should be reserved; and the clothing store should have a fitting room. Toilets are also indispensable because they provide convenience for guests, especially for remote stores. Trio The third step: purchase Need to be reminded that the management of children's clothing should pay attention to style, color selection and update. Most parents like their children to wear beautiful, cute. In addition, the texture of children's clothing is very important, any parents are closely concerned about their children's health, some of the cotton underwear and socks is the first choice for parents. At the same time, preparing some children's toys in the store often leads to some unexpected gains. Qualified managers will always pay attention to children's attention to animation, so that children can better understand the psychological. In addition, it is understood that with the improvement of public spending, low-end children's clothing market has become very limited, high-end children's clothing began to gradually become popular, so the purchase should pay attention to select mid-range affordable children's clothing. This is the children's clothing shop trilogy, you understand it? This seemingly simple few steps but also contains a lot of wisdom, if you can be careful to be an overall arrangement, I believe the difficulties will not come by surprise, Hope that these can bring everyone help. New life, new choice! Beiru children's wear will lead the children's world healthy fashion trend of the new trend! Choose Beirut, choose a childlike, warm dream for your child; choose Beirut to bring your child a stylish, healthy lifestyle! Welcome to the intention of the development of the brand children's clothing market, add my friends contact: Wangjingli: QQ:, Beilu children's clothing company will provide you with the most professional solutions! Company's official website:

Choker Necklace is one kind of necklace. Which short than usual necklace. Almost like a bow tie. commonly used to buckle clothing when winter and autumn or show your beauty neck when spring and summer. It is a best ornamental for your neck no matter in party or wedding or public place.

Our choker necklace style is collar, necklace hoop and short necklace and so on . According to different crowd of different region, The size of choker necklace is different. In general It is 30 cm to 35cm. The style have humdrum one chain, silk ribbon or metallic round, one chain or round with some accessories, chain or round with some drop pendants or flower, Main material is alloy, rhinestone, pearl, resin, stainless steel, glass, copper, iron, acrylic and so on. Plating is gold, silver, copper. Of course some of them don`t need plating.

Most of choker necklace is handmade. In our company more than 50 employees do hand works like link round, put diamond ,QC, packaging, deburring, clip, welding and so on. Please pay attention to the neck size of your customers avoid to affect your sales because of improper size. Order the style on our website and remember give us the size. Order us ,We will do our best for you no matter the quality of products ,delivery, service. Maybe you will have some worries about us before first order. But I promise that you will love us, love our high quality products, love our best service after first order.

Elegant Choker Necklace

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