Floating buddies continue to tap the never-ending fashion classic

PEOLEO has always been deeply concerned about the inner state of women's self-placement, and constantly explore the feminine instinctive character of the free spirit of satisfaction, and through the clothing to express the skinny sexy and gentle. MAKE LIFE INTERSITING is more than an attitude, it's an action. Regardless of any role in life, there will be a calm worldview and self-awareness, both internally and externally, arbitrary aspect.


Founded in 1996 in Wenzhou, China, Zhejiang Floyd Fashion Co., Ltd. is a brand women's wear enterprise integrating design, production and sales. After years of rapid development, it has a large scale of production and sales network. , The city has a store (cabinet). Gone with the Wind attracted many elite talent, has formed a firm and solid core business.

Pui Lei's original women's brand PEOLEO, following the most profitable business in the nation today, the national chain monopoly business model, has so far attracted more than 230 smart business hand in hand, joined the float.

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