Dior Dior women's spring and summer 2011 Haute Couture show

Dior 2011 spring advanced customization series, full of dramatic sense of red as the opening, cover the outer layer of black gauze looks mysterious enchanting. Tight waist and multi-layered pleated skirts pleated contrast, more prominent female slender waist and beautiful body ratio. Then waist up jacket and pencil skirt with elegant, veil and long gloves with a more people cherish the long gone aristocratic temperament. Fluffy palace sleeves, knees folded slightly skirt soft and full sense of volume folds, open umbrella in the waist hem ... ... flower shape is skillfully integrated into the clothing, with jewelry inlaid, embroidery will flower The shape is presented directly. Cascading veil and soft water color perfect combination, mimicking the light and shadow changes in the illustration.

Full Lace Wig

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