i-baby and Silver Cross lead the rise of domestic baby brand

On December 16, 2010, i-baby, a famous high-end infant brand in China, formally signed Silver Cross, a well-known stroller brand in the United Kingdom. As the sole Chinese exclusive agent of Surf Surf series, Silver Cross's high-end stroller, Sales in mainland China and related work. The signing ceremony was held at i-baby Shanghai Pudong headquarters. Ms. Han Feng, executive vice president of i-baby, and Mr. Ben Halsall, chairman of global marketing of Silver Cross, signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties. Mr. Cai Zhenming, the Deputy Director of i-baby Marketing, attended the signing ceremony. Ben Halsall, Global Marketing Chairman, Silver Cross Demonstration Features As a British Centennial brand, Silver Cross has been providing high quality, safe and comfortable modern baby products for children and parents since 1887. Products include baby strollers, car seats And nursing supplies series. For more than one hundred years, Silver Cross's superb craftsmanship and consistent quality have created its elegance and elegance. It has won the trust of the elite community represented by the British royal family and has products all over the world. As the sole operator of i-baby brand, Shanghai Yinglun Baby Children's Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008 and its wholly-owned parent company, Shanghai Sanjian Group, is world renowned for its title of "the king of the world shawls" and was officially certified by the 2010 Shanghai World Expo Home Textiles Licensed Products Supplier i-baby positioning high-end, dedicated to China's wealthy 0-6-year-old infants and newborn parents to provide a complete lifestyle solutions, the Chinese nation 5 thousand years of outstanding traditional baby-feeding culture and foreign advanced concept of modern infant care Integration, to create a modern maternal and child life with i-baby features: safety, health, aesthetics and green. i-baby products include fashion baby clothing, baby art home and professional baby products, including children's clothing, crib, stroller, children's chair, outdoor supplies, toiletries and so on, and mommy postpartum recovery, children's growth memory Unique original design series, loved by the new generation of parents. Currently, i-baby has registered overseas trademarks in more than 30 countries and regions such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and South Africa and is committed to becoming a global brand under its leadership.

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