How to face the "old customers" who do not place orders

I have some prospective clients. Contacted for more than 1 year. The other party is also familiar with our products. Every time I call the other party, I know what I am doing, but the other party has no demand at the moment. The result is that I am embarrassed, but I have to establish a long-term relationship with this customer. If I don’t call the greeting, I will forget it for a long time, or I will not know if I change the person in charge. I want to ask how to Solve such problems? ? Also ask the teacher to enlighten me!


1. There is no transaction for more than one year. The sales staff needs to analyze and filter the customers, and whether they belong to valuable customers! (depending on the specific industry)

2. If you are sure, what are the barriers to not buying customers? You can take the initiative to seek advice! Or increase the sense of urgency! For example: help the other party to find out the problems in the business, and tell the consequences, and then make some reasonable suggestions, naturally extend to their products!

3. If it is determined that the other party does not have a demand in the short term and it is necessary to keep in touch, you can refer to "How to effectively follow up the salesman", "How to reflect the value of the salesperson" and related articles!

Off topic:

Usually customers do not buy our products because there are certain obstacles. Problems like the ones above are clearly a time barrier. The other party is not in a hurry to buy, most of the reason is that the customer has not produced enough hobbies, or has not seen huge benefits. Without the temptation of any interest, it is difficult for customers to make purchases immediately without the inevitable factors. The decision!