Cinderella's Choice ASOS Daning Single Product Fashion Casual Movies

Recently, "Cinderella" Lily James has specially shot a group of fashion casual films for ASOS and went on the cover of the April issue of ASOS. Even Lily who is wearing a denim jumpsuit is even more playful. lovely.

Previously, the starring Disney movie version of Cinderella had a huge response once it was released. In the play, Cinderella swayed a girl's heart with a waist and fluffy feminine skirt. What is the choice of a princess who has suffered a loss in private?

The most fashionable tannins in this spring appear in the “Princess Lily”. The sturdy denim jacket is gradually replaced by the thin and light tannins. It is less rough and more soft. With the letter T-shirt, printed A-line skirt, pencil pants or street or fresh casual style, with a handy waist is a full of free and easy.

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