Teach you to choose the shoulder straps according to the type of shoulder so that you get rid of the awkward slipping

Underwear shoulder strap elastic relaxation, indicating that underwear is not suitable. If the straps straps, and often the shoulder red, or not so cruel to their own acridine ~ Even if the underwear just bought, there may be slippage, in the end is why? Everyone's shoulder is not the same, the key is to be selected according to shoulder, Qian Kadan underwear to teach you how to choose a bra strap according shoulder.

Thin shoulder

Features: Moderate shoulder curvature, shoulder muscle is not thick, clavicle, scapula obvious.

Recommendation: the average girl is such a shoulder. Bra selected when the shoulder strap can be slightly outside the design. If the thin-shouldered female chest is not full, then the choice of shoulder strap can choose a little wider shoulder strap, so with their own body size match, while the care effect can be guaranteed. You can also choose the middle of the shoulder strap design, so that breast lift force stability. It should be noted that the thin shoulder shape to make shoulder strap attached to the upper chest, try to see if there is no gap between the shoulder strap and body.

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One-piece molding, three-dimensional design under the grid, completely fit body shape, the surface of the sexy gauze design, elegant embroidery, beautiful appearance fashion sexy, massage straps effective decentralized pressure to prevent the decline, make you more sexy and charming.

Thick shoulders

Features: Moderate shoulder curvature, thick shoulder muscles, clavicle, scapula not seen.

Recommendation: not only fat people have such a shoulder, the skeleton of the girl correspondingly shoulder is also relatively thick. Choose bra to choose a little wider shoulder strap, flexibility is better, enough tension (do not choose to wear a few times to lose the flexibility of the shoulder strap), shoulders are also more comfortable. Shoulder strap is best to choose the middle or by the side of some, too easy to fall off the outer side, but also for the plump chest girl, the shape will be more loose.

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教你根据肩型选择肩带 让你摆脱滑落的尴尬

Widening plus a bomb straps, double widening straps design, cloth straps effective decentralized pressure to prevent the decline of fine flat walking, allowing you to be more sexy and charming!

Inclined shoulder

Features: commonly known as beauty shoulder, shoulder arc larger, less muscle, shoulder elbow is not prominent, easy to slip shoulder straps.

Recommendation: For oblique girls, choose the back U-shaped design of the shoulder strap, not only not easy to fall, but also because of the force together will be more comfortable. Do not choose the kind of shoulder straps to the outside, but by the design will Le Shoulder uncomfortable, so it is best to choose the middle of the design, and then slightly wider straps, and cross-designed shoulder strap is the most suitable for women oblique .

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教你根据肩型选择肩带 让你摆脱滑落的尴尬

Combination of today's aesthetics, ergonomic principles, the use of 3D stereo cutting technology, increase the side ratio, U U back, eliminate excess meat, healthy breathable fabric, more comfortable to wear!

Flat shoulder

Features: Commonly known as the general shoulder. Shoulder curvature is smaller, more obvious shoulder elbow.

Recommendation: These women's shoulder straps are not easy to fall, from the modeling point of view, narrow shoulders shoulder shoulder shoulder strap suitable for the design of choice, allowing the body stretch slender. The wide shoulders shoulder-shoulder women, shoulder straps to rely on something inside, make the chest more gathers, physically slimmer.

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教你根据肩型选择肩带 让你摆脱滑落的尴尬

Lace shoulder strap design, the inside of high-quality cotton soft and delicate skin soft, adjustable buckle can be adjusted, allowing you to wear comfortable side gather together.

Women's beauty can highlight all the time, through the underwear shoulder strap can also make women more comfortable on the dress, the body is more gentle, Qian Qidan underwear Tips: Select the shoulder strap, do not just oh!


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