Faber 2015 autumn and winter - tells the big story

Happy Castle Development Co., Ltd. of Guangdong under the Happy Castle Group, which owns the "Happy Castle", "Amber children" two fashionable brand of pregnant children, pregnant and child baby has many years of design and production experience and operational management experience of well-known enterprises, Happy Castle Development Co., Ltd., currently the main two pregnant baby brands, of which "Happy Castle" is the first franchise fashion underwear children's clothing and homewear leading brand, the first to enter the field of fashion children's underwear brand, professional Business. Aberdeen is a comprehensive brand that provides comprehensive and healthy maternity products and services for pregnant women and 0-6 year-olds. The product development line covers underwear, baby sets, supplies and outerwear! The product line is rich, the ability to develop is second to none in the industry, brand development has been nearly 10 years of history, the current agents have covered more than 95% of provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, Abe children product range, quality, design Fashion, with higher market reputation. Every day Amber children are intentions, each quarter we can see the progress of Amber products, autumn and winter 2015 we are interpreting a new story, we are talking about the story of big names! Bright woolen fabric coat, warm soft feather yarn sweater, wild cotton wear on both sides, cute and playful jacquard cotton sweater thickened coat, medium and long section of color cotton padding, spell color fabric long coat Printed cute washed woven trousers, vintage washed denim pants, warm corduroy pants, so cute baby's wardrobe into a fashion show, the original, fashion is not just exclusively for adults! From scratch, from there to fine, I have people, I have no people, rooted in Shantou, Aberdeers brand in addition to the original Shantou Oral Research Center outside the design center on the fashion design of the capital of Shenzhen, a Help ambitious young people provoked the highlight of product development, every quarter of the product is undergoing a qualitative change! Now autumn and winter 2016 products are also intense and orderly research and development design, review 2015, Ann Bell has become more and more atmosphere, Abbel's foreign service is no longer the kind of Shantou, after its destruction Sail again sail! Replaced by high-end atmosphere of the 2015 autumn and winter products on the grade! Our wonderful story will be the continuation of one season and one season ... ... festive red jacket that is for Christmas, the Spring Festival and the preparation of the pink that is for the princess's gorgeous dream show, mustard yellow, sapphire blue is to describe the existence of male colors! There are gorgeous princess style, a leisurely outdoor garden style, stylish urban style, this is the designer Aberdeen for what you think, because Abell is not only designed to give you a product but a Kind of lifestyle! How do you think about filling your baby's wardrobe? 2016 autumn and winter, our products brighter colors, more lovely style, princess wind will become more gorgeous, more personalized urban style, campus recreation more handsome! Each product category will become more professional and reliable! of course! Big story will continue ... At present, the country only a small amount of blank areas are investment, sincerely hope that our sincere cooperation! You can get in touch with us through the following ways; Contact Us Guangdong Happy Castle Development Co., Ltd. GuangDong Happy Castle Development Co., Ltd. China Merchants Hotline / Tel: Fax: Address: Road 3012 Zhongmin Times Square A2602

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