Autumn holiday wear children's holiday wear

Holidays, looks like every month there may be more than the first half, but Xiaobian feel very much in the second half, to grasp every holiday, holidays, not only workers like, children are also very fond of, because you can enjoy playing, but also Do not have to worry about work, you can let yourself relax, what to wear autumn holidays? Mayamaya children's wear to tell you. Mama Mia children fall clothing with the new autumn, autumn girl wear, a knit cardigan that is definitely eye-catching single product, you can not bright colors, low-key colors more resistant to look, take a sweater stitching lace hem, like a skirt Dress, with dark leggings, long paragraph ride + short knit cardigan + leggings, the three with the classic style do not say, more fashion patience. Boys shirts with boys say that the dress is simple, in fact, only the relatively simple, Mamaya children's jeans with a shirt, if it is a little thicker shirt we can be used as a jacket, take a white T-shirt that is Yes, but if as a single product with the lower body with a pair of jeans on it, classic jeans denim shirt can also be based on simple.

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