Zhuo Victoria double double sign signed passion in September show strength

On September 15, 2015, Sogni Kids in Hong Kong signed a contract with Shenzhen Pinghu-Hong and Suizhou-Hubei Ms Liu. The Dolce Vita children's clothing is delightful. With British fashion style, they are integrated into the local area to create a touch of style , To bring a naive and colorful local children, colorful beautiful childhood! Shenzhen Pinghu, since its inception has formed a foreign-funded enterprises and private-owned enterprises as the main body, a variety of economic sectors go hand in hand. There are more than 1,200 industrial enterprises and over 12,000 individual industrial and commercial households engaged in more than 460 wholesale and retail enterprises, including Rising Sun International Group, McQuay Company, China Business Printing Corporation, PARKnSHOP, Gome, McDonald's and KFC Well-known enterprises at home and abroad. Suizhou, the youngest prefecture-level city in Hubei Province, is located in the northern part of Hubei Province. Suizhou known as "Han Xiang throat", "Pearl of northern Hubei," said. China's historic and cultural city, national garden city, China's private car, the world's four ancient ginkgo community town, one of the world's three major orchids. Sogni Kids is committed to providing lovely campus style, casual fashion and classic high-end children's clothing for children aged 1-12. In the design style, the positive integration of British fashion, classic, cute elements; in the color matching, the most suitable selection of innocence show the innocence, positive sunshine colors, highlighting children lively naive; won the franchisee widely recognized by the vast number of consumers Favorite!

Commemorative Coins

One of our mainly metal gifts and crafts,including souvenir metal coin, metal coin for collect, Commemorative Coin, 3D metal coin, Old metal coin, antique metal coin, Gold Commemorative coin, Cheap metal coin, Premium metal coin ,Challenge metal coin, police coin, army coin or military coin.
Usually it is as a souvenir and gifts. There is several materials for your choice, for example, zinc alloy, iron, brass. Also in order to make the Coin looks more beautiful ,we could make a plating color on the metal face, gold, silver, copper, brass, nickel and so on ,or we can painting color for coins , welcome to custom your own design.

Custom Coin,Gold Coin,Metal Coin,Commemorative Coin

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