Yoshino silk discount women invite you to see Houndstooth how to wear

The Xizi Silk Code discounted women's wear brought together nearly 1,000 brands at home and abroad to form a strategic alliance, breaking the chaotic market pattern caused by a single price war in recent years. Greatly benefit a lot of keen pursuit of the brand, but not enough economic strength to support the fashion women. Houndstooth perpetual, still active designer's hands. Come with Xiao Bian to see it ~


Houndstooth vest partial neutral vest, wear handsome and charming, coupled with a multi-level perspective skirt, weak weak weak legs to create hazy beauty, a pair of patent leather high heels, full of British vintage taste, you It is the queen of the gas field walking in the street.

西子丝典折扣女装 邀你来看千鸟格怎么穿

Look at this body, jacket collar black bow design, sweetness is so easy to be promoted, coupled with a leather shorts, but also do not flavor. Have to say houndstooth design elements are also very wild it, but generally with the majority of the black.

Xiao Bian that everyone is unique, so what is suitable for their own to find, rather than blindly follow the trend of yo ~

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Aramid Fabrics are high toughness, light weight, extremely flame resistant and shock-absorbing. It is the one of most commonly used in composite materials. Aramid Fabrics have application in engineering, medical equipments, military products, aerospace and spaceflight.

Aramid Webbing Excellent special performance:
Excellent special performance:
1. Low specific gravity
2. Electric insulator
3. Low coefficient of thermal expansion
4. High tensile strength, high tension function
5. Low extension, high modulus, high breaking strength
6. High resistance to chemical, high stability, resistance to change
7. High temperature resistance, fire resistance, no melting does not help combustion only carbonation

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