Turquoise, you still don't know how to classify it?


Classified by color

A, blue turquoise (Blueturquoise): blue, opaque block, sometimes dark blue;

B, light blue turquoise (Palablueturquoise): light blue, opaque block;

C, Blue-green turquoise (Blue-green turquoise): blue-green, opaque block;

D, Green Turquoise (Green Turquoise): green, opaque block;

E, Yellow-green turquoise (Yellow-greenturquoise): yellow-green, opaque block;

F, Greenish turquoise (Greenishturquoise): light green, opaque block

Classified by region

A. Turquoise in Hubei: Turquoise produced in northwestern Hubei Province, anciently known as "Jingzhou Stone" or "Yangyangdianzi. Hubei has a large production of turquoise and excellent quality. It is well-known in China and abroad. It is mainly distributed in Jixian, Zhushan and Daixi in the northwest of Hubei. In other places, the mine is located in the western end of the Wudang Mountains and in parts of the south of Hanshui.

B. Nishapur Turquoise: Produced in the Nishapur area on the Mount Ali Miesel in northern Iran. The ancient Chinese called "returning to the Dianzi", and Japan and other countries called "Oriental Turquoise".

C. Sinai Turquoise: Located on the Sinai Peninsula, it is the oldest turquoise in the world.

D. Turquoise in the United States: Produced in the southwestern states of the United States, especially Arizona.

According to the place of origin, there are also Egyptian turquoise, Chilean turquoise, Australian turquoise, and so on. However, some names of origins not only represent the place of origin, but also represent and indicate the quality level of turquoise, so these names also have a quality rating.

Classified by structure, etc.

A. Transparent turquoise: refers to transparent turquoise crystals. Very rare, only produced in Virginia, USA, after honing transparent gems weigh less than 1 carat;

B. Blocky turquoise: refers to dense blocky turquoise, which is bright in color, fine in texture, tough and smooth, and is the main material of jade carving, which is quite common;

C, tuberculous turquoise: refers to the shape of a spherical, ellipsoidal, grape-shaped, pincus-shaped turquoise, the size of the tuberculosis is very different;

D, blue turquoise: also known as "lace turquoise", refers to the turquoise formed by the presence of iron with a spider web pattern;

E, iron wire turquoise: refers to the surface of the turquoise with a fine iron black line;

F, porcelain turquoise: refers to the sky blue, the texture is dense and tough, the fracture is broken like a porcelain break, the unusual bright turquoise, the quality is good;

G, veined turquoise: refers to the veins that are veined and present in the broken zone of the surrounding rock;

H, variegated turquoise: refers to the speckled, star-like structure of turquoise due to the inclusion of kaolinite and limonite, the quality is poor;


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