[Jia Zi Laier] senior custom pink love encounters fluttering you!

Lace red? Whether this year's fashion show or street shooting last year,

From skirts, jackets and even shirts, lace elements are everywhere.

But also because of its common, wearing more inevitably will make people feel "sweet."


Jia Zi Laier break "sweet" pass, chic, ethereal, hearty, but not sweet.

How to wear lace can show a woman feminine charming?

This weekend, Jia Zi Laier bring you a series of pink lace series,

Make your weekend more fresh and romantic!

【珈姿莱尔】高级定制粉色情怀  邂逅仙气飘飘的你!

Pink lace elegant little shirt, selected high-end custom splicing fabric, soft and crisp touch, light and elegant, slim body upper body, lace decoration brings the temperament of a ladylike woman.

【珈姿莱尔】高级定制粉色情怀  邂逅仙气飘飘的你!

Fine design, taste and quality of excellence, small details show big texture. Well-behaved little collar but just right to reflect the feminine.

【珈姿莱尔】高级定制粉色情怀  邂逅仙气飘飘的你!

Perfect waist design, cascading hem, with the same color shorts, sweet and refined, pink ethereal burst table!

【珈姿莱尔】高级定制粉色情怀  邂逅仙气飘飘的你!

Soft pink jacket, the surface of a variety of materials splicing, feel great, fabric drape is good. Atmospheric fashion, full gas field!

Jia Zi Laier pink lace series, breaking the "sweet" tone, chic and ethereal! As Ms. Chou Yen-ju, the founder of Chiara Lyle, said, she hopes every woman who wears Jiazi-Laier can feel happy, beautiful, strong and confident! !

More autumn new welcome to visit the national Jia Zi Laier counter! ! !

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