Method for correctly applying a protective film to a liquid crystal screen

At present, many people will film their newly purchased phones or mobile phones to protect the LCD screen, which can effectively extend its service life. However, many people believe that the work of the film will not be very well understood. If you don't understand it, it will easily lead to the unprotected protective film, or there are dust bubbles and other things inside, which seriously affects the beauty of the film. Therefore, there is still a certain method when attaching a protective film to a computer LCD screen. The following Yihong protective film will introduce the method of attaching a protective film to the liquid crystal screen.

1. Place a three-layer protective film on the LCD screen to determine the orientation.

2, use the internal fiber cloth to try to fingerprint, dust, grease and dirt on the LCD screen.

3. Pinch the step1 shift sticker and uncover the protective mold marked with step1 by 1/3.

4. Point the exposed intermediate film toward the screen, and carefully align the edges, gently stick it on the screen. 5. Pinch the step1 to move the sticker, and slowly remove the entire protective film labeled step1, and expose all of them. The middle film is aligned on the edge of the film.

6. Remove the air bubbles with a flat blade.

7. After the paste, the protective film with the step 2 on the surface will be completely removed.

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