Both cold and versatile jade are not as difficult as you think (Figure)

Jade is called the king in jade, the color of the green ice and the gas field that is domineering, so many people think that the jade is very cold, so be careful. But in fact, Maxima wants to be tamed by Bole, and as long as the method is mastered, jade can be very close to the people.


Emerald + Gold

The jadeite is set in gold, which coincides with the beauty of "golden jade". The warmth and flexibility of gold and the clearness of the emeralds collide with the ultimate beauty.

Emerald inlaid with gold, warm and retro, with the old age and the temperature and temperature, classic timeless, complement each other. Emerald inlaid with platinum, is another fashion and exquisite beauty, like a new woman in the workplace, neat and capable, feminine and strong.


Emerald + Silver

The silverware is beautiful, with a strong literary fan and vintage style. Inlaid emerald, green water and white sand, beautiful classical wenwan, as if a story between the wrists, will soon lighten the lips and lips.


Emerald + wood

Wood is the darling of the literary world. In recent years, the figure of the lobular rosewood is always common among men, women and children. Qimu plus emerald, quaint nature with a noble aristocratic study. The jade of the emerald moisturizing is more valuable in the setting of the lobular rosewood. The clear water comes out of the hibiscus, and there is a celebrity style.


Emerald + Green Gold

Qingjin can be said to be the blue enchantress in the jade world. The color is glamorous and not solemn. It was deeply loved by the royal family in ancient times. The combination of green gold and jade is like a marriage of emperors, complementing each other and merging with flowers. Wearing such accessories, it is difficult to stand out from the crowd.


Emerald + tourmaline

The tourmaline burst into red from the gem black horse overnight, causing thousands of women to compete. Today, there is no tourmaline, and I dare not claim to be a jeweler. Although tourmaline has been hot in recent years, it has been silently blooming in the history of gemstones for many years. In the Qing Dynasty, there are birch ornaments, which can be described as thick and thin. When the tourmaline encounters the jade, it is a victory, but there are countless people in the world.

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