Beautiful jade show - Hetian jade four heavy four light


[heavy fine color]

Senior experts remind collectors and consumers not to blindly chase the color of jade. Anyone who knows well knows that the most important thing about jade is not whiteness but oiliness, purity and fineness. Yangzhiyu is a popular name for Hetian jade in Xinjiang. The so-called "color as cut off fat" refers to the best sheep fat jade. However, people in the industry also believe that the name of the sheep fat jade is not a pure white, but a milky white with a lustrous luster, even a yellowish white. Nowadays, people are focused on "white", but they have already gone astray. The texture and the delicateness of Hetian jade really determine its quality.

[Heavy quality light production area]

In recent years, Hetian jade raw materials have been discovered in Qinghai, Russia, Canada and other places. Regardless of collectors, consumers, and operators, they should pay more attention to the texture of Hetian jade, not its origin. In the broad sense, Hetian jade has no concept of origin. No matter where it is produced, as long as it is a tremolite, it is Hetian jade; as long as the color is pure and the texture is delicate, it is the good Hetian jade. In fact, after comprehensively comparing the Hetian jade in various places, we can even conclude that in addition to the seed jade, the color of the local white jade and jasper produced in Xinjiang is not as good as the jade in other places.

[heavy structure light production]

Most collectors nowadays feel that they are good things when they hear the word of the seed. In fact, this concept is not only unavoidable, but also the ultimate cause of the flooding of the mountain material. It should be known that Hetian jade has top grades regardless of mountain materials, acacia materials, mountain water materials or Gobi materials. The quality of the seed material may not necessarily exceed the mountain material, mountain water, etc. For the majority of collectors, as long as the color is pure and the texture is delicate, it is worth collecting. For example, the famous "95 in the sputum" (produced in Xinjiang Yuqi), its bracelet Maoxianshan material is higher than the average seed price. In the same way, the quality of the superior fat white mountain material may not be lost in the sub-material.

[Heavy art light source]

Today, in the booming jade carving industry, craft masters from all over the world can be said to be endless. However, is it only the master's work that has collectible value? actually not! I believe that most rational people can understand that the master is also step by step from ordinary people. Although the master has its own reasons for being a master, there are no shortage of masters in the civil society. Therefore, our suggestion is to carefully observe and carefully try to figure out your own vision, not superstitious, not blindly obeying, and everything is subject to the work. The above is the four-fold and four-light collection of Hetian jade. In this regard, our advice to the majority of Yuyou is: read more, learn more, enjoy more, play more, and cultivate their own aesthetics and preferences. Only in this way can we find the most suitable piece of jade that is suitable for ourselves from today's vast jade carvings.

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