Short-sleeved small suit exudes elegance OL temperament

Speaking of these two days of weather, really responded to that sentence: "The weather is like a woman's face, that change becomes." I believe we all know these two days of sudden weather changes are caused by a typhoon in the hot The summer can be cool and comfortable Spring and Autumn day is actually quite good. But I believe many of my friends will be dressed in a mess, wear more bad, wear less and bright to yourself. Xiaobian recommended below the short-sleeved little girl suit, both wearing the clothes and exudes an elegant OL temperament.


Unlike small suits, formal suits so rigid but exudes a casual elegance. Like this white elegant crewneck suit with a black lace V-neck dress, naturally revealing the OL temperament. Round neck and V collar mutual cooperation, your face and body are all modified perfect! Small suit not only to meet your pursuit of fashion dress but also warm Oh!

短袖小西装 散发优雅OL气质

When it comes to sapphire blue, everyone should think of temperament. So a sapphire small suit and professional women's integration, do not formally interpret its style to the extreme it? ! Take a printing women's inside, without any deliberate exudes an elegant and dignified. With a white Slim pants are still white high heels, full of agile skill.

Picture credit: Girl Posing

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